Chapter 24






Z - Blackthorn (Sloe) - Tree Alphabet / (─┼┼┼┼─) Line Ogham





NAME         Zeus

EPITHET      Father of the Human Race / The Shining / The



GENDER       M

SYMBOL       bull / oak /swan / cuckoo / peacock

CATEGORY     deity

TYPE         triple god (sky/war/fertility) / god of weather

             (thunder and rain)

CULTURE      Goidel ?

COUNTRY      France


LANDMARKS    Mont Blanc (Olympus) Piedmont Alps

SITES        Dodona

AGE          Bronze

DATES        BC 14th-13th c / BC 1240 (defeat of Troy)

BATTLES      Trojan War

RELATIVES    Uranus (grandfather); Gaia (grandmother); Cronos

             (father); Rhea (mother); Poseidon, Dis (Hades)

             (brothers); Hera, Demeter (sisters/consorts);

             Metis, Themis, Electra, Maria, Aegina, Nemesis,

             Danae, Dione, Leto, Alcmene, Leda (consorts);

             Athena, Artio (Artemis), Aphrodite, Helen and

             Hebe (daughters); Dardanus, Aeacus, Ares,

             Castor, Pollux, Apollo, Hermes, Perseus, Belenos

             (Hercules), Tantalus, Proserpine and Hephaistos


ENEMIES      Achaean / Danann

SEE ALSO     Ares / Artio / Aphrodite / Apollo / Athena /

             Belenos / Danae / Dis / Esus / Helen /

             Hephaistos / Hera / Hercules / Hermes / Poseidon

             / Taranis / Teutates

REMARKS      Zeus was a son of Cronos and Rhea and grandson

  of Uranus (sky) and Gaia (earth).  When the universe was

  divided up among the gods, Zeus was given the sky to

  control.  Zeus was responsible primarily for the weather,

  especially thunder and rain.

       Zeus lived on the highest peak of Olympus (of the Many

  Necks), which is suggested by Wilkens to be present-day

  Mont Blanc in the Piedmont Alps of France.  The oak was

  sacred to him and his major site of veneration was Dodona.

  He had many consorts and children, and figured in many

  mythologies.  During the Trojan war, Zeus supported the


       Zeus bears a resemblance to the triad of deities

  Taranis, Esus and Teutates, and he may have been an earlier

  figure whose attributes were separated into three

  personalities for clarification.  This is also implied by

  his ancestry, as he was closely related to the primitive

  divisions of sky, water and earth.  His Indo-European name

  means "Shining" which has close parallels in the Sanskrit

  "Dyaus", the Anglo-Saxon "Tiw" and the Latin "Jupiter".  He

  was sometimes referred to as The Father of the Human Race.