Chapter 28








NAME         Ayalgas

FORM         supernatural humans

COUNTRY      Spain (Asturias)

REMARKS      Ayalgas were women of great beauty who were

  under the spell of a winged dragon called Cuelebres.  The

  dragon kept the Ayalgas as part of its treasure.

       During the summer solstice when the dragon fell

  asleep, the Ayalgas used tiny blue lights to lure men to

  them.  If a male touched an Ayalgas with a green willow

  branch, it would break the dragon's spell and the Ayalgas

  would fall in love with him.



NAME         Brownie

FORM         tiny humans

COUNTRY      Scotland / England

REMARKS      Brownies were a nocturnal mischievous race who

  were easily angered.  They were referred to as Brownies

  because of their habit of wearing brown clothing.

       Brownies would move uninvited into a home where they

  felt comfortable.  They could be helpful and very valiant

  but if they worked for a person they then felt that they

  could take whatever they wanted as payment.  The best way

  to get rid of a Brownie was to offer a new set of clothing

  for it.  A bad-tempered Brownie was called a Boggard or




NAME         Cughtagh

FORM         sea monster

COUNTRY      Isle of Man

REMARKS      Cughtaghs were very shy creatures which lived in

  caves by the sea.  They were never seen but during storms

  they could be heard making incredible noises.  When the

  weather was calm, Cughtaghs could sometimes be heard




NAME         Dwarf

ALTERNATIVE  Dactyl (Scotland) / Cluricaune (Ireland)

FORM         short human

COUNTRY      Ireland / Scotland

REMARKS      A dwarf was a person with a normal-size head and

  body but with a short neck and limbs.  Although dwarves

  were best known for their metalwork and mining activities,

  they also raised goats and cattle.  In Ireland there were

  evil old men of the race who guard treasures and were

  referred to as Cluricaunes.



NAME         Elfin

ALTERNATIVE  The Little People / Fay folk / Clashtyn

FORM         small mystical human (4 - 5 ft) (1.5 m)

COUNTRY      Scotland / Ireland / England / Isle of Man

REMARKS      Elfin were tiny, delicate beautiful people of

  good proportion.  At one time they were ruled by the Queen

  of Elphame who had a different male consort every seven

  years.  During this time there were many tribes and a

  famous one-eyed smith.

       Many people on the Isle of Man wished the Elfin a good

  day when they crossed over the Fairy Bridge at Ballalona.

  There the Elfin were known to dress in red caps and green


       On hot days, Elfin were known to splash around under

  waterfalls or in the pools of slow-moving rivers.  It was

  important never to call them fairies.  They disliked the

  name and became very angry.



NAME         Glashten / Glashen

ALTERNATIVE  Gabbal-ushtey (water horse) / Tarroo-ushtey

             (water bull)

FORM         horse or bull

COUNTRY      Isle of Man

REMARKS      The Glashten was a creature which often

  disguised itself as a horse in a herd.  It would often

  entice a beautiful maiden to ride it so it could whisk her




NAME         Goblin

FORM         human ghosts

COUNTRY      England

REMARKS      Goblins were the spirits of malignant dead

  humans and lived in hills and knolls.



NAME         Hobyah

ALTERNATIVE  Hobgoblin / Hobyal

FORM         ghosts of deities

COUNTRY      England

REMARKS      Hobyahs were the spirits of malignant dead gods.



NAME         Huestia

FORM         human ghosts

COUNTRY      Spain (Asturias)

REMARKS      The Huestia were ghostly white apparations who

  carried torches and a platform with the image of a person

  who was about to die.



NAME         Keimach (prancer)

FORM         creature

COUNTRY      Isle of Man

REMARKS      The Keimach was a forerunner of death who

  appeared to those who were about to die.



NAME         Kelpie

ALTERNATIVE  Each Uisge (Highlands) / Tangie (Orkneys) /

             Shoopiltee (Shetland) / Kow (England)

FORM         water spirit / water horse

COUNTRY      Scotland / England

REMARKS      Kelpies were evil ill-tempered one-eyed monsters

  who burst out of the water with a paralyzing roar and

  dragged their victim under.  A Kelpie sometimes disguised

  itself as a horse but could be recognized by its backwards-

  facing hooves.  Kelpies could also disguise themselves as

  young humans but were detected by the bits of seaweed in

  their wet hair.



NAME         Korriganes

ALTERNATIVE  Elfin / Darlings / Bretange (Brittany)

FORM         very slight and tiny humans (2-3 in / 5-7 cm)

COUNTRY      Spain (Asturias)

REMARKS      Korriganes were the smallest of the Little

  People, delicate in appearance but incredibly strong.  They

  were friendly but were also quite sensitive and easily


       Korriganes hibernated during the cold weather but were

  awake at the first sign of spring.  They could make

  themselves invisible at will and wield phenomenal magical

  power.  Korrigan women often sat by springs combing their

  hair and if a human male happen to see one he had to marry

  her right away or he would die within three days.



NAME         Lavanderas

FORM         river goddess

COUNTRY      Spain (Asturias)

REMARKS      Lavanderas appeared as white-haired hags.  They

  made an awful racket at rivers when they used wooden

  shovels to beat the surface of the water.  The Lavanderas

  also used their shovels to throw water on fires.



NAME         Leprechauns

FORM         supernatural little people

COUNTRY      Ireland

REMARKS      Leprechauns were young and energetic but liked

  to disguise themselves as old people.  The men always grew

  beards and wore red caps.

       Leprechauns worked as goat-herders, were excellent

  shoemakers and did fine leather work.  The shoemakers also

  made magical shoes with a higher-than-normal heel for the

  sacred foot.  Leprechauns were great hoarders of wealth and

  kept their treasure hidden at the end of rainbows.  If an

  ordinary human could lock eyes with one, the Leprechaun

  could be forced to give up its treasure.



NAME         Llorono

FORM         spirit

COUNTRY      Spain (north western)

REMARKS      Lloronos were female spirits who lived in the

  bogs and swamps.  They would imitate the weeping and crying

  of a child in order to lure people to their deaths in the




NAME         Mermaids

ALTERNATIVE  Ben-varrey (Gaelic) / Moruodh / Moruogh

FORM         human

COUNTRY      Isle of Man

REMARKS      Mermaids were human-like creatures who lived

  beneath the water but were sometimes seen lying on beaches

  or rocks combing their long hair.  Their hair and teeth

  were green.  Mermen were rarely seen.



NAME         Nuberos

ALTERNATIVE  Nuberu [si]

FORM         human dwarfs

COUNTRY      Spain (Asturias)

REMARKS      Nuberos were deformed dwarves who travelled in

  the clouds and fell to earth during storms.  They punished

  people by taking reptiles and hailstones from their pouches

  and dropping them on their crops or by causing rough water

  for fishermen.  They could be driven off by the ringing of




NAME         Phynnodderee

FORM         small humans

COUNTRY      Isle of Man

REMARKS      Phynnodderee were evil little people who had

  hairy faces and shining eyes.  They were believed to be the

  cause of most troubles but could be driven away by singing,

  of which they were afraid.



NAME         Redcap

FORM         human

COUNTRY      England (northern)

REMARKS      Redcaps were little old men who frequented

  ruins.  They had claw-like hands, always wore a red cap and

  if they caught a person, they would kill them.



NAME         Roane

FORM         human / seal

COUNTRY      Scotland

REMARKS      Roanes could adopt the form of a seal in the

  water and that of a human on land.  They were quite

  friendly and there was no reason to fear them.



NAME         Spriggans

FORM         ghosts

COUNTRY      England (Cornwall)

REMARKS      Spriggans were the ghosts of giants.  They had

  the ability to vary their size and they spent their time

  haunting old ruins and guarding buried treasures.



NAME         Trasgos

ALTERNATIVE  Trasgu (si)

FORM         goblin

COUNTRY      Spain (Asturias)

REMARKS      Trasgos were a race of goblins who infested

  people's homes where they caused mischief by hiding shoes,

  spilling flour on the kitchen floor, etc.  The males were

  very naughty but could be helpful around the house if

  treated well.  Trasgos had big ears, a tail, and horns on

  their head which they covered with a red pointed hat.  They

  walked with a limp and had a hole in their hands, which was

  the sign of a spendthrift.



NAME         Ventolines

FORM         small human

COUNTRY      Spain (Asturias)

REMARKS      Ventolines were a peaceful and romantic race of

  people who brought the dew and the light drizzle that they

  carried on the light night winds.  Ventolines also carried

  the last goodbyes of those who had died far from home.



NAME         Xanas


FORM         human / changling

COUNTRY      Spain (Asturias / Galicia)

REMARKS      Xanas were young, beautiful women of slight

  build who lived in caves under springs.  At night they used

  their hypnotic gaze to put spells on men and led them to

  their underworld.  A water-flower gathered on the morning

  of the summer solstice would break their gaze.

       Xanas were known to slip unwanted children into the

  cradle of a human or even to exchange babies.