Chapter 31











NAME         Prehistoric Museum

CENTER       Asparn, Lower Austria

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Rollett Museum

CENTER       Baden bei Wien, Lower Austria

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Vorarlberg Landesmuseum

CENTER       Bregenz, Vorarlberg

INCLUDES     coins / jewelry

REMARKS      The small hoard from the Bronze and Iron Ages

  was found in the Rhine Delta (Menapii territory) and may

  have been hidden at the time of Caesar's invasion (BC 53).



NAME         Bergenlandisches Landesmuseum

CENTER       Eisenstadt, Burgenland

INCLUDES     bent lance / sword and sheath / iron chisels /

             hammer / anvil  / 2 clay bottles / pottery

REMARKS      The museum includes sacrificed weapons, smith's

  tools, stamp-decorated pottery and other assorted items.



NAME         Stadtmuseum

CENTER       Friesach, Carinthia

INCLUDES     ancient tombstones / spears / hatchets



NAME         Globasnitz Heimatmuseum

CENTER       Globasnitz, Carinthia

REMARKS      The museum includes finds from the Hemmaberg

  digs.  The town of Globasnitz used to be the Celtic

  settlement of Juenna.



NAME         Heimatmuseum

CENTER       Golling

INCLUDES     tongs / shovel / iron bands / iron ring

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes smith's tools

  including tongs, a large shovel, iron bands, and a small

  iron ring for molds.



NAME         Landesmuseum Joanneum

CENTER       Graz, Styria

INCLUDES     bronze sculpture / mask and hands made from

             sheet bronze / weapons / armor

REMARKS      The museum includes a bronze ritual wagon

  carrying the sculpture of a female goddess surrounded by

  smaller figures of humans and animals.



NAME         Keltenmuseum (Celtic Museum)

CENTER       Hallein, Salzburg

INCLUDES     jewelry / decorated bronze flask / gold boat

REMARKS      The museum has numerous finds of the Hallstatt

  and La Tène periods including a gold model of a salt boat,

  and jewelry of gold, silver, bronze, amber, coral and




NAME         Prahistorisches Museum

CENTER       Hallstatt, Hallstatter See

REMARKS      Finds from the Hallstatt excavations.



NAME         Tiroler Landesmuseum

CENTER       Innsbruck, Tirol

INCLUDES     iron helmet / fragments of metal vessels /

             bronze fibulas / vessel handles / votive figures

REMARKS      The collection includes a horse with an Alpine

  variant of Etruscan writing.



NAME         Karntner Landesmuseum

CENTER       Klagenfurt, Carinthia

INCLUDES     Celtic finds



NAME         Schloss Museum

CENTER       Linz, Upper Austria

INCLUDES     prehistoric artifacts



NAME         Mautern Museum

CENTER       Mautern, Lower Austria

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Museum

CENTER       Oberzeiring, Western Steiermark

INCLUDES     Illyrian burial urn

REMARKS      The museum is attached to the ancient silver




NAME         Schloss Ritzen

CENTER       Saalfelben am Steinermen Meer, Salzburg

REMARKS      The museum is south of town by a small lake and

  has a small collection of Celtic finds.



NAME         Museum Carolino Augusteum

CENTER       Salzburg

INCLUDES     bronze flagon / stone head / thin calfskin shoe

             / clay stamp / bronze deer / bronze flagon /

             human skull

REMARKS      The museum has a human skull that shows recovery

  from a sword thrust, a clay stamp for marking material and

  an elegant bronze flagon with zoomorphic decoration.



NAME         Naturhistorisches Museums

CENTER       Vienna

INCLUDES     intricate bronze Hallstatt stand / bronze bucket

             ornamented with cow and calf figures / bronze

             Hallstatt bull / ceremonial bronze axe with

             sculpture of animal and rider perched on thick

             edge of blade / iron sword with ivory and amber

             inlay / iron scabbard decorated with bronze and

             coral / gold ritual axe / gold earrings / bronze

             belt plaques / cowskin sack with wooden frame /




NAME         Stadtmuseum

CENTER       Villech, Carinthia

INCLUDES     prehistoric artifacts



NAME         Heimathaus

CENTER       Vocklabruck, Attersee

REMARKS      The museum includes a good collection of local

  artifacts from the Bronze and Iron Ages.








NAME         Musée Royal d'Art et d'Histoire

CENTER       Brussels

REMARKS      The museum includes a collection of Early La

  Tène goldwork.



NAME         Curtius Museum

CENTER       Liège, in the Renaissance Palace

INCLUDES     Gallo-Roman coins



NAME         Weapons Museum

CENTER       Liège

INCLUDES     12,500 weapons



NAME         Weapons Museum (Musee d'Armes)

CENTER       Namur, Flanders

REMARKS      The site of the museum was originally a Celtic




NAME         Archaeological Museum

CENTER       Namur, Butchers' Hall, Flanders

INCLUDES     Celtic finds



NAME         National Belgian Fishing Museum

CENTER       Nieuwpoort, Flanders

REMARKS      The collection is connected with North Sea

  fishing from BC 700 onwards.



NAME         Gallo-Roman Museum

CENTER       Tongeren, Limburg

INCLUDES     regional archeological finds








NAME         Narodnija Archeologiceski Muzej

CENTER       Sofia

INCLUDES     gold jewellery / bronze and iron chariot









NAME         Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       St Peter Port, Guernsey

INCLUDES     knives / swords / scabbards / spears / shield

             fittings / amber / jet / glass

REMARKS      The museum includes a collection of La Tène

  grave goods.



NAME         Jersey Museum

CENTER       St Helier, Jersey

INCLUDES     gold torc / tweezers / razor / vessels / coins

REMARKS      The museum has a good collection of Celtic

  artifacts from the Bronze and Iron Ages, including a set of

  tweezers from the Urnfield period and coins from the La

  Tène period.  The solid gold torc on display weighs 1.6 lbs

  (750 gm) and was manufactured in Ireland around BC 1000.








NAME         Museum Mesta Boskovice

CENTER       Boskovice

INCLUDES     bronze sword hilt / iron coin punch



NAME         Archaologisches Institut

CENTER       Brno

INCLUDES     Lead test coins / filigree bronze bracelet /

             incised pottery fragments



NAME         Moravske Zemshe Muzeum

CENTER       Brno

INCLUDES     bronze figurines / amulets / fibula / vessels

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes unusual bronze

  fittings for a wooden flagon, amulets and a filigree bronze




NAME         Zapodoceské Museum

CENTER       Plzen

INCLUDES     intricate bronze fibula



NAME         Narodni Muzeum (National Museum)

CENTER       Prague

INCLUDES     Hallstatt ritual stand / stone head of a

             Bohemian / La Tène fibula / gold bracelets /

             signal horn / horse harness fittings / bronze

             coral jewellery



NAME         Krajské Museum

CENTER       Teplice

INCLUDES     bronze plaque / pottery

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a bronze

  decorative plaque of a scabbard, and pottery with swans

  painted in red.








NAME         Museum of Aarhus

CENTER       Aarhus, Jutland

INCLUDES     bronze cauldrons



NAME         National Museum

CENTER       Copenhagen

INCLUDES     cauldrons / Bronze Age horn / dress fasteners /

             bronze ritual wagon

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes the Rynkeby

  cauldron, the Trundholm "Sun Carriage" and the silver-gilt

  Gundestrup cauldron with depictions of the Celtic deities

  Cernunnos, Taranis and Teutates.



NAME         Forhistorisk Museum

CENTER       Moesgaard, Hojberg

INCLUDES     bronze cauldron fittings








NAME         Cairo Museum

CENTER       Cairo

REMARKS      The museum includes the head of a Galatian from

  a statue built by Ptolemy II in BC 3rd century.








NAME         Alnwick Castle Museum

CENTER       Alnwick, Northumberland

INCLUDES     local finds



NAME         Andover Museum

CENTER       Andover, Hampshire

REMARKS      The museum includes finds from the Iron Age

  hillfort at Danebury.



NAME         Alexander Keiller Museum

CENTER       Avebury, Wiltshire

INCLUDES     amulet

REMARKS      The collection has an amulet from the Avebury

  stone circle with ogham writing asking the goddess Byanu

  for protection.



NAME         Buckinghamshire County Museum

CENTER       Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

INCLUDES     local artifacts



NAME         Admiral Blake Museum

CENTER       Bridgewater, Somerset

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes local finds

  from the Bronze and Iron Age.



NAME         Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Brighton, Sussex

INCLUDES     Bronze Age amber cup



NAME         City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Bristol, Avon

INCLUDES     bronze torc



NAME         Moyse's Hall Museum

CENTER       Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

REMARKS      The collection displays a large hoard of Celtic

  swords and another of drinking vessels from the Bronze and

  Iron Ages.



NAME         Fursdon House

CENTER       Cadbury, Devon

INCLUDES     local artifacts

REMARKS      There is an Iron Age hillfort on the site.



NAME         University Museum of Archaeology and


CENTER       Cambridge

INCLUDES     Bronze Age weapons / iron firedogs / shields /

             swords / bronze mirrors / biceps bracelet

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a cast bronze

  biceps bracelet as well as a copy of the Dying Gaul




NAME         Dutch Cottage Museum

CENTER       Canvey Island, Essex

INCLUDES     corn dollies / prehistoric artifacts



NAME         Carlisle Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Carlisle, Cumbria

INCLUDES     prehistoric finds



NAME         Chertsey Museum

CENTER       Chertsey, Surrey

INCLUDES     shields / weapons

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes Bronze and Iron

  Age artifacts.



NAME         Grosvenor Museum

CENTER       Chester, Cheshire

INCLUDES     collection of local finds



NAME         Chesterholm Museum

CENTER       Chesterholm, Northumberland

INCLUDES     chariot



NAME         Corinium Museum

CENTER       Cirencester, Gloucestershire

REMARKS      The collection displays a relief of the mother

  goddesses and a horned god.



NAME         Ancient House Museum

CENTER       Clare, Suffolk

INCLUDES     prehistoric archeology



NAME         Poldowrian Museum of Prehistory

CENTER       Coverack, Cornwall

REMARKS      Near the museum is a Bronze Age round house.



NAME         Valence House Museum

CENTER       Dagenham, Essex

INCLUDES     Bronze Age finds



NAME         Dartford Borough Museum

CENTER       Dartford, Kent

INCLUDES     prehistoric finds



NAME         Deal Library's Archaeological Collection

CENTER       Deal, Kent

INCLUDES     prehistoric finds



NAME         Devizes Museum

CENTER       Devizes, Wiltshire

INCLUDES     weapons / jewelry / calendar

REMARKS      In the collection is an interesting Bronze Age

  Celtic gold Lozenge calendar from BC 1900 which marks the

  eight sun events.



NAME         Wiltshire Archaeological Society Museum

CENTER       Devizes, Wiltshire

INCLUDES     Early Bronze Age weapons / ornaments



NAME         Dorset Archaeological Society's Museum

CENTER       Dorchester, Dorset

REMARKS      The collection is mostly from the early Bronze




NAME         Dorset County Museum

CENTER       Dorchester, Dorset

INCLUDES     bronze chariot mount / skeleton

REMARKS      The collection displays finds from the

  Whitecombe burial site.  A bronze chariot mount in the form

  of a calf and the body of a Celtic warrior from Maiden

  Castle who was shot in the back by a ballista bolt hurled

  from a catapult.



NAME         Rougemont House Museum

CENTER       Exeter, Devon

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes middle Bronze

  Age implements.



NAME         Folkestone Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Folkestone, Kent

INCLUDES     Iron Age finds



NAME         Glastonbury Lake Village Museum

CENTER       Glastonbury, Somerset

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes finds from the

  lake dating BC 250 to 50 AD.



NAME         City Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Gloucester

INCLUDES     mirror / brooch / sculpture

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a bronze mirror

  and brooch from the Birdlip grave, and a sculpture of a

  male with accentuated eyes.



NAME         Thurrock Local History Museum

CENTER       Grays, Essex

INCLUDES     local finds



NAME         City Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Hereford

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes exhibits from

  Iron Age hillforts.



NAME         Museum of Cider and King Offa Distillery

CENTER       Hereford

REMARKS      Cider was an early Celtic drink for the gods.



NAME         Herne Bay Museum

CENTER       Herne Bay, Kent

REMARKS      The collection is of local finds.



NAME         Ipswich Museum

CENTER       Ipswich, Suffolk

REMARKS      The museum displays a superb collection of

  Celtic gold torcs.



NAME         Corn Exchange Museum

CENTER       Kingston upon Hull, North Humberside

REMARKS      The collection has finds from the Iron Age

  Wetwang chariot burial.



NAME         Stroud District Museum

CENTER       Lansdown, Gloucestershire

INCLUDES     prehistoric finds



NAME         Jewry Wall Museum and Site

CENTER       Leicester, Leicestershire

INCLUDES     Bronze Age hoard



NAME         Leominster Folk Museum

CENTER       Leominster, Hereford & Worcester

INCLUDES     Iron Age finds



NAME         Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Letchworth, Hertfordshire

INCLUDES     Iron Age burial finds



NAME         Barbican House Museum

CENTER       Lewes, Sussex

INCLUDES     pottery / beads / coins / fibulas

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a model of

  Mount Caburn Iron Age hill-fort.



NAME         Littlehampton Museum

CENTER       Littlehampton, West Sussex

INCLUDES     Bronze Age finds



NAME         Merseyside Museum

CENTER       Liverpool, Merseyside

INCLUDES     bronze mirror / spoon / horse trappings /


REMARKS      The museum's collection includes an engraved

  bronze mirror and a unique tankard from Wales made of yew

  wood with a bronze rim and handle.



NAME         Victoria & Albert Museum

CENTER       London

INCLUDES     gold rings



NAME         British Museum

CENTER       London

INCLUDES     gold torcs / gold cup from Cornwall / gold and

             bronze coins of Cunobel from the mint at Essex,

             England / gold coin of the Redones tribe / sheet

             gold shoulder and chest cover from northern

             Wales / heavy gold collar from Sintra, Portugal

             / Aylesford bucket of Belgic design / Battersea

             shield with glass or enamel inlay from

             Middlesex, England / bronze shield boss with

             coral trim / enamelled bronze jewelry / bronze

             vessels with enamel and coral trim / massive

             bronze biceps bracelets / bronze strainer with

             swastika pattern from Marne, France / unique

             bronze horn cap and BC 2nd century silver coin

             from Aquitania, France with ogham consaine

             script / statue of woman wearing cloak and

             trousers / bronze meat hook with ravens and

             swans from Antrim, Northern Ireland / bronze

             swords / bronze-decorated iron spear, bronze

             horned helmet and bronze shield boss from the

             river Thames / bronze shield cover with coral

             trim from Lincolnshire, England / bronze boar

             from Middlesex, England / bronze sculpted

             trappings from North Yorkshire, England / bronze

             trappings from Somerset, England / bronze mirror

             from Hertfordshire / bronze mirror from Devon

             with triskele design / bronze torcs from France

             / elegant sculpted bronze plate of Monasterevin

             style with spiral motif from Ireland / bronze-

             covered wooden bucket with zoomorphic

             decorations from Kent, England / etc.

REMARKS      The British Museum has one of the largest

  collections of Celtic artifacts.  Since the turn of the

  century, the English have reserved the term "Celtic" for

  their enemies and like to think of themselves as Anglo-

  Saxons.  The time is almost here for the officials to

  recognize that the majority of the English population has

  Celtic roots and begin to display their rich heritage

  instead of keeping it vaulted.



NAME         Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum

CENTER       Morpeth, Northumberland

INCLUDES     bagpipes

REMARKS      The museum has a fine collection of bagpipes, a

  favorite Celtic instrument, from different countries and




NAME         Victoriana Plus

CENTER       Mullion, Cornwall

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a display of

  lamps from BC 1000 onward.



NAME         Greek Museum

CENTER       Newcastle upon Tyne

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology



NAME         Museum of Antiquities (University)

CENTER       Newcastle upon Tyne

INCLUDES     hooded figures / mold for a deity with a club /

             shields /  wheel with 8 spokes / gilt bronze




NAME         Castle Museum

CENTER       Norwich, Norfolk

INCLUDES     Iron Age hoard / gold torcs / weapons



NAME         Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

CENTER       Oxford

INCLUDES     bronze scabbard mounts / bronze mirror handle /

             gold basket earrings



NAME         Padstow Museum

CENTER       Padstow, Cornwall

REMARKS      The museum displays finds from a local burial




NAME         Portland Museum

CENTER       Portland, Dorset

INCLUDES     iron ingots from BC 4th century



NAME         Reading Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Reading, Berkshire

INCLUDES     gold torc / bronze fibula with triskele



NAME         Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum

CENTER       Salisbury, Wiltshire

INCLUDES     prehistoric finds / iron scabbard



NAME         Sheffield City Museum

CENTER       Sheffield, South Yorkshire

REMARKS      The collection includes Bronze Age artifacts

  from the Yorkshire and Peak Districts.



NAME         The Norris Museum

CENTER       St Ives, Cambridgeshire

REMARKS      The museum displays Bronze and Iron Age finds as

  well as a collection of artifacts from the Bell Beaker




NAME         Isles of Scilly Museum

CENTER       St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

INCLUDES     prehistoric finds



NAME         Castle Museum

CENTER       Taunton, Somerset

INCLUDES     basket / wooden bowls / complete saws / knives /

             metal and wooden tools

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes finds from the

  Glastonbury and Meare Lake settlements.



NAME         Somerset County Museum

CENTER       Taunton, Somerset

REMARKS      The museum has a good selection of middle Bronze

  Age finds.



NAME         Cornwall County Museum

CENTER       Truro, Cornwall

INCLUDES     Early Bronze Age weapons



NAME         Wakefield Museum

CENTER       Wakefield, West Yorkshire

INCLUDES     prehistoric finds



NAME         Winchester City Museum

CENTER       Winchester, Hampshire

INCLUDES     Owslebury burial goods








NAME         Musée Granet

CENTER       Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône

INCLUDES     stone sculptures / silver fibulas

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes four stone

  heads and a pillar with relief of stone heads by Celto-




NAME         Musée Alesia

CENTER       Alise Sainte Reine, Burgundy

REMARKS      The collection has a sculpture of the goddess

  Epona sitting sideways on a pony.



NAME         Musée St Jean à Angers

CENTER       Angers, Maine-et-Loire

INCLUDES     iron face mask



NAME         Museé Municipal

CENTER       Angoulême

INCLUDES     helmet

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes an ornate

  bronze-covered iron helmet with ear-flaps and a decorative

  knob on top trimmed with gold and coral.



NAME         Musée Calvet

CENTER       Avignon, Vaucluse

INCLUDES     sculpture

REMARKS      The museum has a BC 3rd century sculpture of

  "the Monster of Noves", a snarling beast holding 2 bearded

  human heads under its paws.



NAME         Musée d' Avignon

CENTER       Avignon, Vaucluse

INCLUDES     sculpture

REMARKS      There is a bronze statue of the Celtic god




NAME         Musée des Beaux-Arts et d'Archeologie

CENTER       Besancon

REMARKS      The collection has an Etruscan-style jug with

  Celtic decoration.



NAME         Musée de Bourges

CENTER       Bourges, Cher

INCLUDES     local Celtic finds



NAME         Musée Municipal

CENTER       Châlons-sur-Marne, Marne

INCLUDES     figure of walking pony / decorated iron scabbard



NAME         Musée Denon

CENTER       Chalon-sur-Saône

INCLUDES     decorated iron weapons



NAME         Musée de Chartres

CENTER       Chartres, Eure-et-Loire

INCLUDES     bronze face mask



NAME         Musée de Châtillon-sur-Seine

CENTER       Châtillon-sur-Seine, Côte d'Or

INCLUDES     sculptures / fibulas / gold torc

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a zoomorphic

  bronze and coral fibula, a gold torc with paw and miniature

  winged horse on its end, a depiction of the triple goddess,

  and two limestone statues (now headless): one of a seated

  woman in a cloak wearing a torc, and the other of a seated

  warrior with a cape, sword and shield.



NAME         Musée Bargoin

CENTER       Clermont-Ferrand

REMARKS      The museum has an AD 1st century wooden

  sculpture of a woman wearing a torc, from a sacrificial

  spring in the territory of the Arverni tribe.



NAME         Musée Archeologique

CENTER       Dijon, Burgundy

REMARKS      The collection has wooden votive offerings from

  the headwaters of the Seine.



NAME         Musée

CENTER       Epernay, Marne

INCLUDES     pottery / bronze torcs / neckrings / bracelets /

             earrings / pendant / parts of bead chains

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes pottery beakers

  and dishes and goods from a woman's grave.



NAME         Amedee Lemozi Museum

CENTER       Grotte du Pech-Merle, east of Cahors

INCLUDES     Iron Age weapons / jewelry



NAME         Musée de Guéret

CENTER       Guéret, Creuse

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology



NAME         Musée Archeologique Departemental

CENTER       Hastingues, Aquitaine

INCLUDES     prehistoric artifacts



NAME         Musée de Lectoure

CENTER       Lectoure, Gers, N of Auch

INCLUDES     Gallic stone head



NAME         Musée des Beaux Arts

CENTER       Lyons, Rhône

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology



NAME         Palais des Arts

CENTER       Lyons, Rhône

INCLUDES     Colingy Calendar



NAME         Musée d'Archéologie Borély

CENTER       Marseilles, Bouches-du-Rhône

INCLUDES     sculptures

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a BC 4th

  century Janiform head, a frieze of horse heads and the

  sculpture of a goose sitting on a lintel of 3 pillars with

  a skull nook from a Celto-Ligurian sanctuary.



NAME         Musée de la Raymondie

CENTER       Martel, Dordogne - Haut Quercy

REMARKS      The collection has numerous items from the

  hillfort of Puy d'Issolud.



NAME         Musée de Metz

CENTER       Metz, Moselle

REMARKS      There is a vase with relief of Sucellos and

  Nantosvelta and a bird.



NAME         Musée des Jacobins

CENTER       Morlaix

INCLUDES     decorated La Tène pottery



NAME         Musée Historique Lorrain

CENTER       Nancy

INCLUDES     bronze torc with anthropomorphic designs



NAME         Musée Dobrée d'Archéologie

CENTER       Nantes

INCLUDES     bronze sword with anthropomorphic design



NAME         Musée Archeologique

CENTER       Nice, Riviera

REMARKS      The museum has abundant archeological finds from

  the area.



NAME         Musée Archeologique de Nîmes

CENTER       Nîmes, Gard

INCLUDES     lintel with horses and heads



NAME         Musée Historique

CENTER       Orléans, Loiret

INCLUDES     bronze boar / bronze stag / bronze statue

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a great boar, a

  stag, and a young woman in an expressive pose, all made in




NAME         Cabinet des Medailles, Bibliotheque Nationale

CENTER       Paris

INCLUDES     vase / coins

REMARKS      The coin collection displays a Celtic vase with

  heads in triplicate (Tricephalus) as well as gold, silver

  and bronzecoins of the Ambiani, Aulerci, Arverni,

  Catuvellauni, Curiosolites, Insubres and Remi tribes.



NAME         Louvre

CENTER       Paris

INCLUDES     slates / hat

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes slates on the

  Galatians and a conical hat made from sheet gold.



NAME         Musée de Cluny

CENTER       Paris

INCLUDES     sculptures

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a sculpture of

  the god Cernunnos and a relief of the gods Esus and Tarvos




NAME         Musée de Perigord

CENTER       Perigueux

INCLUDES     jewellery / axes / pottery



NAME         Musée Prehistorique Finistérien

CENTER       Quimper

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes pottery with

  repeating stamp decoration.



NAME         Musée Archeologique de Reims

CENTER       Reims

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology



NAME         Musée St Remi

CENTER       Reims

INCLUDES     bronze helmet / decorated pottery



NAME         Musée de Bretagne

CENTER       Rennes, Brittany

INCLUDES     prehistoric artifacts

REMARKS      The museum provides a good survey of Brittany's




NAME         Musée Fenaille

CENTER       Rodez, Aveyron

REMARKS      There is a stone deity from Gaul holding a torc

  with hair in spirals at the back of his head.



NAME         Museé d'Histoire

CENTER       Saint-Brieuc

REMARKS      The museum has a stone sculpture of a harpist

  wearing a torc.



NAME         Musée des Antiquités National (Museum of Ancient


CENTER       St Germain-en-Laye, Ile de France W of Paris

INCLUDES     bronze 4 wheeled-wagon with a hunter chasing a

             boar / 2-wheeled chariot and harness / chariot

             mount with coral inlay / sculpture of Taranis /

             deity with torc and boar / horned hunter with

             bow and billhook / bronze sculpture of a deity

             sitting cross-legged with torc and an enamelled

             eye / iron and bronze decorated helmets, one

             with gold and enamel trim / swords and scabbards

             / bronze jewelry / decorated pottery / etc.



NAME         Musée de St Remy de Provence

CENTER       St Remy, Bouches-du-Rhône

INCLUDES     Celtic finds



NAME         Musée Prehistorique Finisterion

CENTER       St-Guenole, Brittany - Finistère

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Musée Archeologique

CENTER       Strasbourg, Alsace

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Museé Saint-Raymond

CENTER       Toulouse

INCLUDES     intricate gold torc / sheet gold filigree biceps

             bracelet / bronze helmet / iron sword with

             bronze handle



NAME         Musée des Beaux-Arts

CENTER       Troyes, Aube

INCLUDES     bronze torc / iron zoomorphic fibula / bronze

  biceps bracelet








NAME         Romisches Museum

CENTER       Augsberg, Bavaria

INCLUDES     bronze dishes / bronze cauldron / gold cups



NAME         Royal Museum

CENTER       Berlin

INCLUDES     medallion

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a medallion

  with the name Bel in ogham.



NAME         Staatliche Museum

CENTER       Berlin

INCLUDES     helmets / iron swords / belt buckle / pottery

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes iron helmets

  with bronze trim, a zoomorphic bronze belt buckle and some

  elegant pottery engraved with animals.



NAME         Rheinisches Landesmuseum

CENTER       Bonn, Westphalia

INCLUDES     bronze flagon / gold torc / bracelets / reliefs

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a relief of

  Epona sidesaddle on a horse, and a bronze relief from grave




NAME         Focke-Museum

CENTER       Bremen, Lower Saxony

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts including bronze helmet



NAME         Federsee Museum

CENTER       Buchau am Federsee

INCLUDES     Celtic finds



NAME         Landesmuseum fur Vorgeschichte

CENTER       Dresden

INCLUDES     decorated bronze scabbard



NAME         Rhönmuseum

CENTER       Fladungen

INCLUDES     bronze torcs / bracelets from BC 3rd century



NAME         Wetterau Museum

CENTER       Friedberg, Hessen

INCLUDES     anthropomorphic bronze torc



NAME         Gemeinde

CENTER       Grunwald

REMARKS      The collection includes a bronze straight razor

   and knife from BC 11th century.



NAME         Museum Gunzenhausen

CENTER       Gunzenhausen

REMARKS      The museum has clay drinking horns from BC 7th-

   6th century in its collection.



NAME         Landesmuseum

CENTER       Halle, Saxony-Anhalt

INCLUDES     gold grave objects



NAME         Helms Museum

CENTER       Harburg - Hamburg

INCLUDES     one-piece Bronze Age sword



NAME         Keltenmuseum

CENTER       Ingolstadt, Bavaria

INCLUDES     bronze weapons



NAME         Stadtmuseum

CENTER       Ingolstadt, Bavaria

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes bronze

  jewellery and iron weapons from BC 3rd-2nd century, and a

  collection of silver coins from Manching.



NAME         Vorgeschichtliches Museum

CENTER       Jena - Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat

INCLUDES     bronze fibulas / gold torcs / vessels

REMARKS      The museum displays gold torcs with intricate

  zoomorphic ends as well as some handles and decorative

  parts of vessels.



NAME         Landesmuseum

CENTER       Karlsruhe, Wurttemberg-Baden

INCLUDES     glass beads / bracelets / bronze fibulas

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes blue, golden

  and green glass beads and bracelets from the middle La Tène

  period, as well as a bronze fibula with coral inlay.



NAME         Museum Karlstadt

CENTER       Karlstadt

REMARKS      The collection includes a tiny bronze boar from

  BC 2nd - 1st century.



NAME         Statliche Museen

CENTER       Kassel

INCLUDES     Celtic gold and silver coins



NAME         Hessisches Landesmuseum

CENTER       Kassel

INCLUDES     bronze enamelled horse trappings



NAME         Archaologisches Museum der Stadt

CENTER       Kelheim

INCLUDES     bronze plate / clay nozzles

REMARKS      The museum has a bronze La Tène decorative plate

  with stylized zoomorphic design as well as the clay nozzles

  from a set of bellows which were used in the process of

  smelting gold and other metals.



NAME         Kreisarchaologie

CENTER       Kelheim

INCLUDES     fibula (safety-pin brooch)

REMARKS      The museum has an ornate Hallstatt bronze fibula

  with spiral and wheel patterns.



NAME         Romisches Museum

CENTER       Kempten, Bavaria

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts from the region



NAME         Gemeinde Kiefersfelden

CENTER       Kiefersfelden, Upper Bavaria

INCLUDES     La Tène iron sword



NAME         Mittelrheinisches Museum

CENTER       Koblenz, Rheinland

REMARKS      The museum displays a curious figure of a person

  on a horse worked in sheet bronze with engraved detail.



NAME         Romisch-Germanisches Museum

CENTER       Köln

INCLUDES     bronze fitting decorated with human face



NAME         Stadt- und Kreismuseum

CENTER       Landshut

INCLUDES     bronze rings / sandstone casting form for making




NAME         Mittlerheinisches Landesmuseum

CENTER       Mainz, Rheinland

INCLUDES     glass dog / bronze harness fittings / shield

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a Celtic blue

  glass dog with white and yellow highlights from BC 2nd

  century, and a bronze shield from BC 9th century.



NAME         Romisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum

CENTER       Mainz, Rheinland

INCLUDES     gold coins / iron helmets / embossed-design ear-

             flaps / swords / sword chain / fragments of

             shield rims

REMARKS      The collection includes a Bituriges Cubi gold

  coin and weapons from a hoard of sacrificed weapons.



NAME         Reiss-Museum

CENTER       Mannheim

INCLUDES     Fragment of a coin stamper with image of torc-

  wearing figure



NAME         Prahistorische Staatssammlung

CENTER       Munich, Bavaria

INCLUDES     bronze and iron weapons / shields / casting mold

             for sword handle / gold, silver and bronze

             jewellery / torcs / biceps bracelets / fibulas /

             necklaces / bracelets / belts / belt-buckles /

             gold coins / bronze and pottery vessels / bronze

             and clay figurines / gold-plated sculpture of

             tree / reconstructed Hallstatt burial wagon /

             iron measuring stick with bronze marking rings /

             gameboard / chariot axle pins / firedogs /

             straight razor in hinged case / scalpel / etc.

REMARKS      In 1993 this museum hosted a very comprehensive

  Celtic exhibition, Das Keltische Jahrtausend (The Celtic

  Millenium), presenting a stunning array of Celtic artifacts

  from Urnfield to late La Tène from throughout Europe.  The

  exhibition included works from 80 museums and collections,

  although sadly lacking contributions from the British


       Such exhibitions are essential to the cultural and

  historical re-education of the European people, and help to

  correct the suppression of information concerning the

  essentially Celtic roots of European civilization.



NAME         Germanisches Nationalmuseum

CENTER       Nurnberg, Bavaria

INCLUDES     gold hat / bronze jewellery

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes highly

  decorated cone hat of sheet gold with sun symbols, 35 in

  (88 cm) tall.



NAME         Naturhistorische Gesellschaft

CENTER       Nurnberg, Bavaria

INCLUDES     glass beads / shell pendants / bronze jewellery

             / clay figurine of horse with rider



NAME         Museen der Stadt

CENTER       Regensburg, Lower Bavaria

INCLUDES     bronze jewellery including a fibula in the shape

             of a horse / iron swords / bronze scabbard

             (sheath) / pottery



NAME         Museum fur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte

CENTER       Saarbrucken

INCLUDES     fibula / gilt-bronze pitcher / gold bracelets

             and torc from a female's grave

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a gilt-bronze

  pitcher with human-headed horse figure on lid and a bronze

  fibula with coral inlay.



NAME         Archaologisches Landesmuseum der Christian-


CENTER       Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig

REMARKS      The collection has a bronze belt with five discs

  decorated in the triskele pattern.



NAME         Hegau Museum

CENTER       Singen

INCLUDES     pottery set

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a pottery set

  (bowls, cups, dishes, serving vessels with lids) with a

  zig-zag pattern painted in red and black.



NAME         Deutsches Klingen Museum

CENTER       Solingen, Westphalia

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts - Bronze age daggers



NAME         Historisches Museum der Pfalz

CENTER       Speyer, Rheinland-Pfalz

INCLUDES     biceps bracelet / ring / gold cone hat

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes an intricately

  decorated gold biceps bracelet and a ring, both with

  janiform heads, a highly decorated gold cone hat 1 ft (30

  cm) tall, and a face embossed in sheet gold.



NAME         Gaubodenmuseum

CENTER       Straubing

INCLUDES     bronze and iron fibulas / iron belt chain / blue

             glass biceps bracelets / bronze biceps bracelet

             / bronze ankle bracelet / decorated pottery



NAME         Wurttembergisches Landesmuseum

CENTER       Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg

INCLUDES     huge collection of Celtic artifacts, many from

             graves: stone, amber & ivory sphinx / bronze

             neck ring with red enamel / stone figure with

             Janiform head / iron torc with a silver coating

             and oxen heads at the ends wearing torcs /

             Hallstatt gold torc / stone relief of 3 mother-

             goddesses / relief of Epona with 7 horses /

             Hallstatt gold cup / bronze couch supported by

             human figurines / cauldron with animal ornaments

             / 4-wheeled wagons / gold torc / bracelets /

             bronze and gold fibulas / gold dish / bronze

             flagon with decorated handles / ornamented

             chariot linch-pin / gold neckring with embossed

             animals / etc.



NAME         Landesmuseum

CENTER       Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz

INCLUDES     relief carving / bronze figurine / bronze

             plaques / belt-buckle / slingshot ammunition

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a relief of the

  deity Esus cutting down a tree which has the head of a bull

  and three birds, a bronze figurine of a horse, gold-plated

  bronze plaques with coral inlay and a belt-buckle of bronze

  and coral.



NAME         Mainfrankisches Museum

CENTER       Wurzburg

INCLUDES     bronze ritual wagon / vessels, cups and bowls

REMARKS      Grave goods displayed at the museum include a

  bronze ritual wagon with a little vessel supported on a

  wheeled framework with duck heads on each axle.








NAME         Museum Isthmia

CENTER       Corinth

INCLUDES     pair of hollow bronze rings from a local

             sacrificial spring, possibly of Bavarian origin








NAME         Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum

CENTER       Budapest

INCLUDES     urnfield hoard / gold cups / gold and bronze

             jewelry / silver coins / bronze figurines of

             deer, boar / decorated iron spearhead and

             scabbards / pottery



NAME         Balatoni Múzeum

CENTER       Keszthely

INCLUDES     pottery with anthropomorphic handle



NAME         Jósa András Múzeum

CENTER       Nyiregyháza

INCLUDES     decorated pottery vessel in the shape of a soft




NAME         Ferenc Liszt Múzeum

CENTER       Sopron

INCLUDES     pottery

REMARKS      The collection includes pottery with abstract

  stamp decoration and with incised drawings of figures,

  animals and wagons, etc.



NAME         Balogh Adám Múzeum

CENTER       Szekszard

INCLUDES     ornate spiral-decorated bronze fibula / pottery

             with anthropomorphic handle



NAME         Damjanich János Múzeum

CENTER       Szolnok

INCLUDES     drinking horn with bronze zoomorphic cradle and




NAME         Museum Szombathely

CENTER       Szombathely

INCLUDES     gold diadem from Velem-Szentvid / decorated iron









NAME         Armagh County Museum

CENTER       Armagh

INCLUDES     good collection of Celtic weapons



NAME         Chapter House, Armagh Protestant Cathedral

CENTER       Armagh

INCLUDES     stone sculpture

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a stone figure

  from Tanderagee, probably dating from BC 2nd-1st century.



NAME         Athlone Museum

CENTER       Athlone - in the castle

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a good

  collection of local Celtic artifacts from the Bronze and

  Iron Ages including 2 sculptures of the fertility goddess

  Sheila na Gig.



NAME         St Catherine's National School Museum

CENTER       Aughrim, Galway

INCLUDES     Celtic Bronze Age artifacts



NAME         Therese Murphy's Collection

CENTER       Baltimore, south of Skibbereen

INCLUDES     Celtic Bronze Age and Iron Age artifacts

REMARKS      This farmhouse "museum" collection of local

  artifacts is worth the trouble of locating.  Keep an eye

  out for a large anchor.



NAME         De Valera Museum

CENTER       Bruree, Limerick

INCLUDES     axes and other Celtic artifacts



NAME         Iarsmalann Chleire

CENTER       Cape Clear Island, Cork

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Tipperary County Museum

CENTER       Clonmel, Tipperary

INCLUDES     Prehistoric artifacts



NAME         Ceim-Hill Museum

CENTER       Cooldurragha, Cork

REMARKS      The museum has its emphasis on folk medicine and

  natural dyes.



NAME         Cork Public Museum

CENTER       Cork

INCLUDES     Prehistoric artifacts



NAME         The Dingle Collection

CENTER       Dingle, Kerry

INCLUDES     A Gaelic library



NAME         National Museum of Ireland

CENTER       Dublin

INCLUDES     gold torcs of tube construction / bronze cup

             made on a lathe / Killarney gold lunula / gold

             sculpture of boat with mast and oars / bronze

             sword / bronze trumpet / bone bull-roarer with

             inscribed scrollwork and yin-yang symbols / rock

             carved with spiral and scroll patterns / three-

             headed stone sculpture (Tricephalus) / bronze

             cup from Shannon river / figure carved in yew /

             enamelled bronze disc with triskele design /

             bronze belt-buckle and plaque with triskele and

             spiral designs / silver-gilt "Tara brooch" /

             bronze ring-shaped brooch / etc.



NAME         Royal Irish Academy Library

CENTER       Dublin

REMARKS      The AD 12th century Book of the Dun Cow is

  sheltered here.



NAME         University College Galway

CENTER       Galway

REMARKS      UNESCO has chosen this site for a collection of

  spoken material in all the Celtic languages.



NAME         Hunt Museum

CENTER       Limerick - N.I.H.E building

INCLUDES     Bronze and Iron Ages shield / cauldron / etc.



NAME         Irishtown Museum

CENTER       Limerick

REMARKS      Collection of Celtic artifacts from the Bronze

  and Iron Ages



NAME         Lisnaskea Folk Museum

CENTER       Lisnaskea, Fermanagh

REMARKS      The library museum has numerous displays that

  provide information on traditional Irish life.



NAME         Millmount Museum

CENTER       Millmount, Meath

REMARKS      The museum has a Boyne coracle and photographs

  of New Grange before it was renovated.



NAME         Millstreet Local Museum

CENTER       Millstreet, Cork

INCLUDES     the Liscahane ogham stone



NAME         Monaghan County Museum

CENTER       Monaghan

REMARKS      Good collection of prehistoric artifacts from

  the local area



NAME         Market Hall Museum

CENTER       Mullingar, Westmeath

INCLUDES     local archeology / weapons / quernstones / Iron

             Age implements



NAME         Military Museum

CENTER       Mullingar, Westmeath

REMARKS      The museum has a collection of prehistoric boats

  dug out of the local lakes.



NAME         Franciscan Friary Museum

CENTER       Rossnowlagh, Donegal

INCLUDES     Bronze Age daggers / Uilleann pipes



NAME         St John's Interpretive Centre

CENTER       Stokestown, Roscommon

REMARKS      The center explains different Iron Age

  settlements in the area.



NAME         Meath Archaeological and Historical Museum

CENTER       Trim, Meath

INCLUDES     Celtic weapons








NAME         The Manx Museum

CENTER       Douglas

INCLUDES     bronze swords / palstaves / daggers / spearheads

REMARKS      The museum houses finds from over 50 Bronze Age









NAME         Museo Nazionale delle Marche

CENTER       Ancona

INCLUDES     gold torcs / bronze and iron scabbard

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes gold torcs from

  BC 4th century.



NAME         Museo Civico

CENTER       Bologna, Emilia

REMARKS      The museum has a large collection of artifacts

  of the numerous peoples who have lived in the area.



NAME         Museo Civico

CENTER       Brescia

INCLUDES     silver plate

REMARKS      The silver plate displayed in the museum has 18

  embossed heads on the rim and a triskele in the center.



NAME         Instituto Internazionale di Studi Liguri

CENTER       Chiavari, Genoa

REMARKS      The collection includes artifacts from Ligurian




NAME         Museo Civico

CENTER       Como, Lombardy

INCLUDES     reconstructed Iron Age ceremonial wagon



NAME         Museo di Archeologico Nazionale Di Spina

CENTER       Ferrara, Emilia

REMARKS      The museum displays many artifacts of the area

  which was originally a Venetii stronghold.



NAME         Etrusco-Greco-Roman Museum

CENTER       Florence

INCLUDES     marble sarcophagus

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a BC 4th

  century marble sarcophagus from Tarquinia.



NAME         Palazzo Tursi (Minicipio)

CENTER       Genoa

REMARKS      The museum has a bronze tablet from BC 117

  stating the boundary between the Genuates and the Veturii.

  The tablet is able to be viewed only when the Sala de

  Sindaco is not in session.



NAME         Antiquarium

CENTER       Gravellona Toce near Lake Maggiore

INCLUDES     Iron Age finds



NAME         Archaeological Museum

CENTER       Milan, Lombardy

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Museo di Monterenzio

CENTER       Monterenzio, Bologna

INCLUDES     BC 4th century bronze helmet



NAME         National Museum

CENTER       Naples

REMARKS      The museum has a statue depicting Brennus as he

  commits suicide.



NAME         Museo Chierici

CENTER       Parma, Emilia

REMARKS      Archeological collection of the local area



NAME         Museo Nationale di Antichita

CENTER       Parma, Emilia

REMARKS      The museum includes Bronze and Iron Age

  artifacts from the area.



NAME         Palazzo Farnese

CENTER       Piacenza, Emilia

REMARKS      The museum has an Etruscan bronze of a sheep's

  liver called "Fegato di Piacenza" covered with the names of

  Etruscan deities and used for the purpose of divination.



NAME         Museo Archeologico

CENTER       Porto Tolle, Emilia

REMARKS      The museum includes a Celtic iron chariot from

  BC 4th century.



NAME         Museo Civico

CENTER       Rimini, Emilia

REMARKS      Local archeology



NAME         Museo Capitolini

CENTER       Rome

REMARKS      The museum includes a Roman marble copy of the

  bronze sculpture of the "Dying Gaul".



NAME         Museo Nazionale

CENTER       Rome

REMARKS      Celtic archeology



NAME         Museo Civico

CENTER       Treviso, Venice

INCLUDES     Hallstatt swords



NAME         Museum of Antiquities

CENTER       Turin

INCLUDES     Bronze Age swords / implements / compasses /

             surgical instruments / Iron Age helmets



NAME         Musei Civici

CENTER       Varese, Lombardy

REMARKS      The collection includes artifacts from the

  Lombardy region.



NAME         Natural History Museum

CENTER       Verona

INCLUDES     Bronze Age pots / Bronze Age dagger / fibula /


REMARKS      The Bronze Age pots are of Bell Beaker type.



NAME         Museo Civico

CENTER       Vicenza

INCLUDES     Venetic inscription / artifacts from the lake-

             dwellings at Fimon








NAME         Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum

CENTER       Vaduz

INCLUDES     bronze votive statues of warrior / fertility

             figures / boar / deer








NAME         Musée d'Histoire et d'Art

CENTER       Luxembourg

INCLUDES     bronze weapons / bucket

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes a BC 1st

  century bucket made from yew wood with bronze trimmings.








NAME         Archeological Museum

CENTER       Leyden

INCLUDES     statue of Nehalennia



NAME         Zeeuws Museum

CENTER       Middelburg

INCLUDES     statue of Nehalennia








NAME         Municipal Museum

CENTER       Belfast

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Ulster Museum, Botanic Gardens

CENTER       Belfast

INCLUDES     bronze disc with triad pattern / decorated

             bronze scabbards



NAME         Fermanagh County Museum

CENTER       Enniskillen, Fermanagh

REMARKS      The museum includes Celtic artifacts of the area

  including stone heads found in the nearby lakes.








NAME         Bergen Museum

CENTER       Bergen

INCLUDES     head on the enamelled handle of a bowl








NAME         Panstwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne

CENTER       Warsaw

REMARKS      The museum includes a bronze bowl with enamel

  inlay and a spout in the form of a boar's head.








NAME         Museu Regional

CENTER       Beja, Alentejo

REMARKS      Small local collection from the Bronze age

  including stone pendants, stone carvings, relief carving of

  cross sword and axe, etc.



NAME         Museu Nacional de Arqueologia e Etnologia

CENTER       Belem, Lisbon

REMARKS      Large collection of prehistoric items.



NAME         Museu Regional do Abade de Bacal

CENTER       Bragança

INCLUDES     costumes / musical instruments

REMARKS      The museum displays local archeological remains.



NAME         Museu Militar

CENTER       Chaves, Vila Real

INCLUDES     Iron Age artifacts



NAME         Museu Municipal

CENTER       Chaves, Vila Real

REMARKS      The museum includes archeological material from

  the surrounding Celtic area.



NAME         Museu Municipal Dr Santos Rocha

CENTER       Figueira da Foz

INCLUDES     Iron Age belt buckle



NAME         Museu Martins Sarmento

CENTER       Guimarães, Braga

INCLUDES     stone lintels / statues engraved with sun

             symbols and swastikas / gold jewelry / bronze

             votive wagon

REMARKS      The museum includes finds from Iron Age

  hillforts of Citânia de Briteiros and Castro de Sabroso

  including a stone sculpture of a colossus with large

  phallus and one large hand.  Due to a theft several years

  ago, the more precious items (gold) are now kept in a bank




NAME         Museu Histórico e Arqueológico de Viseu

CENTER       Viseu

INCLUDES     polished axes / bronze bracelet / fibula / urns

REMARKS      The museum displays some funerary urns with a

  glaze identical to that still used in the region.



NAME         Museu do Seminário Maior de Viseu

CENTER       Viseu - Largo Santa Cristina

REMARKS      The museum includes ceramic and bronze pieces

  from Castro da Senhora da Guia in Baioes.








NAME         Muzeul Judetean Maramures

CENTER       Baia Mare

REMARKS      The museum includes an iron helmet with a

  sculpture of a large bronze eagle perched on top.



NAME         National Museum

CENTER       Bucharest

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Cluj Museum

CENTER       Cluj, Transylvania

REMARKS      The museum has a small bronze sculpture of a




NAME         Brukenthal Muzeul

CENTER       Sibiu

INCLUDES     Bronze fibula








NAME         Hermitage Museum

CENTER       Leningrad

INCLUDES     gold bull / tattooed skin

REMARKS      The museum contains a gold bull figurine from

  the Kurgan culture and the tattooed skin from the arm of a









NAME         University Anthropological Museum

CENTER       Aberdeen

INCLUDES     prehistoric archeology / Pictish stones



NAME         John Nicholson Museum

CENTER       Auckengill, Caithness

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology



NAME         Burghead Museum

CENTER       Burghead, Forres

INCLUDES     Pictish stone / bull's head



NAME         Scottish Tartan Museum

CENTER       Comrie, Tayside

INCLUDES     1300 tartans displayed

REMARKS      The museum also has weaving demonstrations, a

  library, and a garden of plants used to make the dyes.



NAME         Dunrobin Castle Museum

CENTER       Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland N of Golspie

INCLUDES     large collection of Pictish stones

REMARKS      The museum is in a small building off the formal

  gardens behind the castle.



NAME         Dunvegan Castle Museum

CENTER       Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

INCLUDES     Pictish stones



NAME         The Piping Centre

CENTER       Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

REMARKS      The center gives the history of highland music

  played on the bagpipes.



NAME         Canongate Tolbooth

CENTER       Edinburgh

REMARKS      Visitors can learn to make rubbings of Pictish




NAME         Royal Museum of Scotland

CENTER       Edinburgh

INCLUDES     jet necklace / carnyx (war trumpet) / chariot /

  bronze pony-cap / bronze shields and weapons / gold torc /

  bronze jewellery / enamelled bronze dipper / stone 3-faced




NAME         Elgin Museum

CENTER       Elgin, Moray

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts / Pictish stones



NAME         Falkland Palace Museum

CENTER       Falkland, Fife

INCLUDES     two Pictish stones



NAME         Gairloch Heritage Museum

CENTER       Gairloch, Wester Ross

INCLUDES     Pictish stones

REMARKS      There is also an exhibition of spinning with

  natural dyes for the wool.



NAME         Art Gallery and Museum

CENTER       Glasgow

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology / Scottish prehistory



NAME         Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow

CENTER       Glasgow

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         Timespan Heritage Centre

CENTER       Helmsdale, Caithness

REMARKS      The centre has interesting displays of the area

  showing its evolution from the Neolithic Age onward.



NAME         Shetland Museum

CENTER       Hillhead, Shetlands - Mainland Island

REMARKS      The museum tells the prehistory of the Shetland




NAME         Inverness Museum

CENTER       Inverness

REMARKS      There is a good collection of Celtic artifacts

  including Pictish stones.



NAME         Carnegie Museum

CENTER       Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

REMARKS      Prehistoric archeology of the area.



NAME         Inverurie Museum

CENTER       Inverurie, Grampian

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology



NAME         Dick Institute

CENTER       Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology / Iron Age crannog artifacts



NAME         Tankerness House Museum

CENTER       Kirkwall, Orkney Islands - Mainland Island

REMARKS      The museum tells the story of the Orkneys over a

  4000-year period with Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age




NAME         Clan Gunn Museum

CENTER       Latheron, Caithness

REMARKS      The museum houses a library with material on the

  district of Caithness.



NAME         Sculptured Stone Museum

CENTER       Meigle, Tayside

INCLUDES     over 30 Pictish stones

REMARKS      Guinevere, the unfaithful wife of Arthur, is

  supposedly buried nearby.



NAME         Montrose Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Montrose, Angus

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology / Pictish stones



NAME         Clan Macpherson House and Museum

CENTER       Newtonmore, Invernessshire

REMARKS      The museum displays the Black Chanter that fell

  from the sky and the magic Green Banner.



NAME         Scone Palace

CENTER       Perth

REMARKS      The palace is considered to be the rightful home

  of the Stone of Scone brought to Scotland from Ireland by

  Kenneth MacAlpine.  This was the capital of Scotland.



NAME         Perth Museum and Art Gallery

CENTER       Perth

INCLUDES     Pictish stones

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes 2 Pictish

  stones, which are in the basement.



NAME         Isle of Arran Heritage Museum

CENTER       Rosaburn, Brodick

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology / Bronze Age cist



NAME         Groam House Museum

CENTER       Rosemarkie, Rossshire

INCLUDES     Pictish stones from the area

REMARKS      The museum holds a wealth of information about

  the region's history and archeology.



NAME         St Vigeans Museum

CENTER       St Vigeans, Tayside

INCLUDES     32 carved Pictish stones

REMARKS      One of the stones includes an inscription in the

  Pictish language.



NAME         Thurso Folk Museum

CENTER       Thurso, Caithness

REMARKS      The museum includes two good examples of Pictish

  stones known as the Halkirk Stone and the Ulbster Stone.



NAME         Jarlshof Museums

CENTER       Virkie, Shetlands

INCLUDES     Bronze Age and Iron Age artifacts








NAME         Slovenské Národné Múzeum

CENTER       Bratislava

INCLUDES     coins / bronze belt plaque /  pottery vessels

REMARKS      Some of the pottery displayed is heavily

  sculpted: one of the vessels is decorated with bull heads

  and another has clay human hands for holding the chains for

  suspending it above the fire.  The collection includes

  silver coins from BC 1st century.



NAME         Museum Kosice

CENTER       Kosice

INCLUDES     gold hoard from Barca



NAME         Archeologicky ustav SAV

CENTER       Nitra-Hrad

INCLUDES     bronze knife handle / cast bronze biceps

             bracelet / enamelled belt chain with zoomorphic

             decoration / fibula decorated with coral








NAME         Castillo de San Anton

CENTER       A Coruna, Galicia

INCLUDES     good collection of Celtic artifacts /

             reconstruction of a swanboat (coracle)

REMARKS      The museum is housed in the old fortress by the




NAME         Museo Provincial

CENTER       Avila

INCLUDES     local Celtic archeology



NAME         Museo Arqueologico

CENTER       Barcelona

INCLUDES     a few Celtic artifacts



NAME         Museo de la Gaita (Bagpipe Museum)

CENTER       Gijon, Asturia in Pueblo de Asturias park

INCLUDES     bagpipes from around the world

REMARKS      The museum is in the process of cataloguing

  their collection.  They also have a workshop where bagpipes

  are made and repaired.  Most of the collection are old but

  there are some carefully-made and accurate reproductions.



NAME         Lugo Provincial Museum

CENTER       Lugo, Galicia

REMARKS      The museum includes an impressive collection of

  Celtic artifacts, including gold jewellery from Castro do




NAME         Museo Arqueologico Nacional

CENTER       Madrid

INCLUDES     stone sculptures / iron falcata / bronze fibulas

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes Bell Beaker

  artifacts, the stone sculptures known as la Dama de Elche

  and la Dama de Baza and an iron falcata (the famous sword

  that terrorized the Romans).



NAME         Museo Arqueologico

CENTER       Oviedo, Asturias

INCLUDES     local finds of Celtic archeology



NAME         Museo de Salamanca

CENTER       Salamanca

INCLUDES     carved stones / grave goods

REMARKS      The museum has good displays including Bell

  Beaker artifacts and finds from the local hillforts and the

  city.  It also has maps and well-informed staff to educate

  the visitor about the Celtic past of the region.



NAME         Museo do Pobo Galego

CENTER       Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

INCLUDES     boats / models of villages

REMARKS      The exhibits are very well-displayed and

  interesting, and include boats and models of villages from

  different eras as well as Celtic artifacts.  The museum is

  housed in the old Convent San Domingos de Bonaval.



NAME         Zamora Museum of Fine Arts

CENTER       Zamora

INCLUDES     bell beakers

REMARKS      The museum holds many items of interest

  including the Arrabalde treasure, an Iron Age collection of

  bell beakers.








NAME         Historisches Museum

CENTER       Basel

INCLUDES     coins / torc / biceps bracelet / rings

REMARKS      The museum includes the Saint-Louis gold hoard.



NAME         Bernisches Historisches Museum

CENTER       Berne

INCLUDES     bronze sculpture / silver jewelry / iron weapons

REMARKS      The museum includes a bronze sculpture of Artio

  with a bowl of fruit facing a bear by a tree.



NAME         Schwab Museum

CENTER       Biel (Bienne), Berne

REMARKS      The museum includes finds from the lake dwelling

  of Bieler See and artifacts from the Iron Age in general.



NAME         Musee d'Art et d'Histoire

CENTER       Geneva

INCLUDES     weapons / utensils /jewelry

REMARKS      The museum has artifacts from the Bronze and

  Iron Age.



NAME         Great St Bernard Hospice Museum

CENTER       Great St Bernard Pass, Valais

REMARKS      Celtic artifacts from the local area



NAME         Lake-Dwelling Museum

CENTER       Hitzkirch, Lucerne - near Gelfingen

REMARKS      The museum includes archeology of the Lake

  Dwellers culture.



NAME         Musée d'Archéologie et d'Histoire

CENTER       Lausanne

INCLUDES     socketed axe / winged axes / sickle / bronze

             fibula / bronze bracelet / pin / antennae-

             handled sword

REMARKS      Included in the collection are tools and jewelry

   from the Bronze Age lake settlements.



NAME         Musee d'Archeologie

CENTER       Neuchatel

INCLUDES     bronze jewelry / iron weapons

REMARKS      The museum includes artifacts excavated from the

  settlement of La Tène which gave its name to the La Tène




NAME         Heimatmuseum

CENTER       Sarnen, Unterwalden

REMARKS      The museum collection includes weapons and other

  artifacts of the Celtic culture.



NAME         Historical Museum

CENTER       St Gallen

INCLUDES     prehistoric artifacts / ethnographic information



NAME         Schweizerisches Landesmuseum (Swiss National


CENTER       Zurich

INCLUDES     gold bowl / gold torcs / weapons / implements

REMARKS      The museum includes finds from the La Tène




NAME         University of Zurich (Archeological Collection)

CENTER       Zurich

INCLUDES     Celtic archeology








NAME         Castleton State College Museum

CENTER       Castleton, Vermont

INCLUDES     phallic stones

REMARKS      The museum includes a collection of phallic

  stones taken from Phallus Hill, South Woodstock.



NAME         Wadsworth Atheneum

CENTER       Hartford, Connecticut

INCLUDES     iron battle-axes

REMARKS      Two Iron Age battle-axes inscribed in Tifinag

  script are from the Goodwin Collection.  They are thought

  to have been given to battle widows and the aged in the

  Iron Age.  One came from Cold Harbour in Nova Scotia,

  Canada and the other from Rocky Neck in Massachusetts.



NAME         Metropolitan Museum of Art

CENTER       New York City

INCLUDES     gold torc / silver torc

REMARKS      The museum includes a silver torc with

  zoomorphic decoration from France and a gold torc from




NAME         New York Museum

CENTER       New York City

INCLUDES     statue of a Gaul



NAME         Peabody Museum

CENTER       Salem, Massachusetts

REMARKS      The museum includes a stone sculpture found in

  Essex, Massachusetts which is very similar to Celtic stone

  sculptures found in Ireland.



NAME         Sturbridge Museum

CENTER       Sturbridge, Massachusetts

REMARKS      The museum includes a sculpture which was carved

  into the bedrock at Searsmont, Maine depicting the features

  of a European.  The torso of the carving is still at the









NAME         National Library of Wales

CENTER       Aberystwyth

INCLUDES     black Book of Carmarthen / White Book of

             Rhydderch / Book of Taliesin / Arthurian


REMARKS      The library contains two million printed works,

  many of which relate to Celts.



NAME         Ceredigion Museum

CENTER       Aberyswyth, Dyfed

INCLUDES     models of a Celtic Iron Age hillfort



NAME         Brecknock Society

CENTER       Brecon, Powys

INCLUDES     Celtic artifacts



NAME         National Museum of Wales

CENTER       Cardiff

INCLUDES     standing stones / bronze fittings / gilt bronze


REMARKS      The museum displays carved standing stones with

  ogham and swastika patterns, and artifacts of the hoards

  found at the sacrificial sites of Llyn Cerrig Bach and Llyn




NAME         Carmarthen Museum

CENTER       Carmarthen, Dyfed

INCLUDES     ogham stone / fibula

REMARKS      The museum's collection includes an ogham stone

  dedicated to Voteogorigas, a chieftain of the Desi tribe in

  south Wales, an intricate fibula cast in silver and gilded

  with a mixture of gold dust and mercury, as well as other

  local artifacts.



NAME         Blackpool Mill

CENTER       Narberth, Dyfed

INCLUDES     replica of the Welsh dragon



NAME         The Royal Institute

CENTER       Swansea

INCLUDES     artifacts from the area



NAME         Tenby Museum

CENTER       Tenby, Dyfed

INCLUDES     local artifacts



NAME         Powysland Museum

CENTER       Welshpool

INCLUDES     numerous Celtic artifacts








NAME         National Museum

CENTER       Belgrade, Serbia

INCLUDES     prehistoric artifacts



NAME         Poswski Muzej

CENTER       Brezice, Lower Krika

INCLUDES     decorated Celtic weapons / grave goods



NAME         Narodni Muzej (National Museum)

CENTER       Ljubljana, Slovenia

INCLUDES     bronze bucket / bronze helmets / bronze belt /

             decorated iron weapons

REMARKS      Many of the Celtic artifacts are from the area

  around Novo Mesto and include a bronze bucket with images

  of horses, wagons, festival scenes, fistfights, etc.



NAME         Dolenjski Muzej

CENTER       Novo Mesto

INCLUDES     colored glass beads /  bronze buckets

             / gold and amber jewelry / suit of armor /


REMARKS      This area was predominantly Celtic throughout

  the Bronze and Iron Ages.  Much of the collection consists

  of finds from the local Celtic grave sites and includes

  strings of colored glass beads, bronze buckets decorated

  with images of horses, riders and guides, and pottery with

  zoomorphic and anthropomorphic decoration.  Several of the

  more impressive objects were snatched away by the larger

  museums such as Ljubljana and Vienna.



NAME         Archeoloski Muzej

CENTER       Zagreb, Croatia

INCLUDES     bronze female figure / iron sword