The Circle of Baal

(path of the sun)


The Solar Wheel




The Celtic solar year was called the Circle of Baal or The Harmony of Baal and was divided into halves.  The first half (waxing half) of the year began at dusk on winter solstice.  Already the longest night and the shortest day have passed.  The second half (waning half) of the year began at dusk of summer solstice.  Already the shortest night and the longest day have passed.  The solar year was then quartered by the equinoxes (days of balance) when night and day are of equal length.  Four spokes of the solar wheel represented these important solar events.  Another four spokes marking the calendar events subdivided the times between the solar events.  The sun calendar was sometimes represented by an 8-spoke wheel and at other times by two 4-spoke wheels.



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