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Autumn Equinox - September 22 or 23




The autumn equinox is a day of balance between dark and bright, when the nights and days are of equal length.  Bonfires were lit on the morning to lend strength to the sun god who was losing to the powers of darkness.  In the zodiac calendar, this was the end of the virgin earth goddess (Virgo) and the beginning of the house of balance (Libra).  This 3-day sun event occurs during the month of Muir (Blackberry) in the tree calendar.  The Muir was considered a plant of resurrection.


Furrowed triangle cakes were eaten in honour of the mother goddess who would guide the spirit of the oak tree through the unicursal maze of resurrection to the mistletoe where it would abide for the winter.  This was the beginning of the dark half of the year, a time when preparations for winter began.




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